Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Back To Life

So we're home in Toronto.  Home in our new old house.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

It feels great.

Especially when the rain subsides and we can do this at night.

The deck is done.  The furniture is not.  Nor is the garden.  I can deal with the bad garden, but the furniture has got to be in place before I can show it.  It's coming, really soon, I promise.  Totally worth the wait...

This felt great, too.

Not just the fact that they got together for a picture, but what came after that picture.  Back to school.

1st Grader

Henry is a trooper.  He takes whatever you throw at him and he goes with it.  Like the fact that he was starting full days at school and didn't even know who his teacher was.  (It was an open position)  We met her that morning and she was lovely.  He walked into school like he owned the place.

2nd Grader

Jake is the tough guy teddy bear.  He won't look scared or act worried.  But he'll feel it.  And he was feeling it.  Until he found his friends...then he was ok to go in. 

And I had a whole day with George. 
(I must say, #3 is easier to handle when #1 & #2 are around.  Built in playmates are no joke)

Lastly, this felt pretty great, too.

Bunk Bed!

I've had my eye on this Ikea bunk bed for over a year.  My parents bought one for their house when we descend upon them.  It's sturdy, hard to damage and inexpensive.  Nothing says "made for boys" like this sucker.

We renovate our house.  I plan for the bunk bed.  Renovation done.  I do an Ikea run to buy mattresses and the bunk bed...and it's "oversold".  That's what the price tag says.  Oversold.  What!?

I find out that's code for discontinued.  DISCONTINUED????  No.  Just no.

We leave with two mattresses and no bunk bed.  I scour the Ikeas in Toronto.  Gone.  Sad.

Spend a month in the US.

Come back, mattresses still on the floor, scour Kijiji & Craigslist.  10 days later, it's in my house.  Phew.

Ikea, I still love you, but not for this little adventure.
Craigslist, you are great. :)

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